School life is one of the best time for every student that remain to their mind always. It’s fun and easy compared to the pressures of the “adult life”. You can easily make new and long lasting friends, learning new things etc. Are you want to find something awkward funny situations of a school student. In this post, we have listed almost 27 funny situations every school student can related to. If you are a student, we bet you’ll enjoy this post a lot!

#1. Things I study vs Things I`m asked on the exam

#2. When the teacher about to switch the PowerPoint and you still not done taking notes.

#3. When you look up during your exam and make eye contact with the teacher:

#4. When your lecturer announces you have a group assignment that’s worth 40%

#5. When the exam is too hard you gotta make sure if you’re still alive!!

#6. When everything you studied comes out in exam

#7. As a Uni Student with No Money, I Give You My New Cups.

#8. When you know you’ve not done well but you’re just proud you’ve finished your assignment.

#9. When your books expensive and you don’t have a discount code.

#10. Only highlight the important stuff.

#11. Preparation for final exams.

#12. How comforting!!!

#13. Why???

#14. New WAPS test instructions.

#15. When there’s a group project but you do all the work.

#16. When you have to teach yourself a subject.

#17. When you’ve got too much work, no social life, no money and someone asks how you’re doing.

#18. Funny Twitter time

#19. Interesting Time in a class room

#20. Sleeping lecture ever seen

#21. When it’s your turn to present and you pretend to look for the PowerPoint file that you know doesn’t exist.

#22. How good you are in mathematics???

#23. Teacher: You have 5 minutes to copy everything from the white board.

#24. At that point in the semester where….

#25. When your lecturer asks if you have any questions

#26. Me trying to find the motivation to finish this semester.

#27. How college turned out to be…

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